Ben Quinn’s Ultimate Brussels Sprouts

ben quinn's ultimate brussels sprouts at woodfired canteen

We asked chef Ben Quinn of Canteen Cornwall for his ultimate Brussels sprouts recipe. What with it being Christmas and all. True to form he came back with something bold and unique, and those of you who’ve stopped by either of Cornwall’s Canteens at Wheal Kitty in St Agnes or Newquay Orchard for lunch through December might well have enjoyed this side dish already. We encourage you to give Ben’s recipe a go over the festive season - here’s what he had to say about it:

serving sprout slaw at woodfired canteen in st agnes

Sprouts: Love ‘em, hate ‘em, blah blah blah.
These last few years have been all about tolerance and celebrating our differences. Sprouts are the same.

I go raw and zingy.

Simply grate on a coarse grater a handful of sprouts for 3 people.

Zest and juice a Satsuma and stir in a good amount of salt.
Leave the salad to sit for 20 minutes, and then check it.
It should be bright, light, and sweet, with a real sprout funk.

This is amazing on any rich savoury meats, or with cheeses.


brussels sprouts slaw at woodfired canteen

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