Christmas Gift Guide For A Low Impact Lifestyle

playing with a plan toys wonky fruit and vegetable play set

As Christmas approaches and people start thinking about what to gift one another, we thought we’d pull together a few of our favourite gift ideas that exemplify some of our values of ditching single-use plastics, reducing waste, and fostering a desire to protect the natural world. Hopefully if you’re stuck for some ideas for your nearest and dearest, these will help!


For Kids

Plan Toys Wonky Fruit and Vegetables

plan toys wonky fruit and vegetables play set

About 10% of all fruit and vegetables are wasted simply because they aren’t pretty enough. Yet there’s nothing wrong with the taste. Plan Toys’ wonderful Wonky Fruit and Vegetables play set features forked carrots and curved cucumbers amongst others, helping to develop an appreciation for natural variety in natural produce from a young age. Made by Plan Toys (one of the most sustainable toy manufacturers on the planet) using their innovative waste rubber wood material PlanWood in partnership with Dutch food waste charity Kromkommer, this fun set is a great way to get your kids excited about food whilst instilling some zero waste values.

The Plan Toys Wonky Fruit and Vegetable play set is available to order online or as a click and collect purchase from Luna and Cash in Newquay.


For Plastic Free Households

Soda Stream

soda stream indian tonic

This one was a game-changer in our house a couple of Christmases ago. As somebody who likes sparkling water, finding an alternative to bottled water reduced the number of plastic bottles in our recycling bin each week to zero. Beyond sparkling water you can buy syrups to make tonic water, cola, or lemonade to name but a few.

Browse all of the Soda Stream options at


For Nature

Mason Bees Guardian Kit

red mason bee entering a nesting tube in a solitary bee house

70% of our most important food crops are pollinated by insects (particularly fruits) but pollinators are under threat and need all the help they can get. Red mason bees are gentle, non-aggressive solitary bees that make their nests in hollow spaces rather than in hives, and the number in the wild is declining. “Traditional” bee houses (canes or drilled blocks) can’t be cleaned and over time may become host to parasites and other threats to mason bee larvae. These bee houses use cardboard nesting tubes that can be removed and replaced each season, and’s guardian scheme allows you to send off full tubes for them to remove and store the larvae at the end of the summer, then they’ll send you back some bee cocoons in the spring ready to hatch out and pollinate the plants in your neighbourhood.

Check out all of the Solitary Bee Stater Kits and Guardian Kits at


For Book Lovers

How To Save The World For Free – Natalie Fee

how to save the world for free by natalie fee

Upbeat, engaging, and packed full of everyday tips, hacks and lifestyle changes that will contribute to helping our planet, Natalie Fee’s book is a great guide to green living. In it, she explores simple ways we can all save the world, while we eat, drink, sleep, work, vote, travel and play. For free. Natalie is the award-winning force behind City To Sea and the amazing Refill App, and How To Save The World For Free was an Amazon #1 best-seller.

How To Save The World For Free is available to purchase online from your local independent book store on


And To Wrap It All Up

Plastic Free Gift Wraps, Tapes, Tags and Twine

plastic free gift wrap set by plastic freedon

Christmas generates huge amounts of waste wrapping paper, and not much of it can be recycled. Any glossy paper laminated with plastic cellophane, metallic wrapping or paper with glitter or foil detail can't be recycled and will end up in landfill. And then there’s the sticky tape… Avoid all of that waste and recycling risk by wrapping your gifts with recyclable paper and tape from our friends at Plastic Freedom this year, and know that you’re not adding to landfill.

Order your plastic free gift wrap essentials at Plastic Freedom.