Plastic-Free Shop Directory Cornwall and Plymouth

map of cornwall and plymouth showing locations of plastic free, zero waste, refill and bulk shops

Plastic-Free July is a great opportunity every year to spread the plastic-free message and help more and more people to reduce the amount of single-use plastics in their lives. For any of our customers who are on the first steps towards reducing their single-use plastic footprint, the next step could well be getting more of your groceries – things like pasta, rice, and sugar - without packaging from a zero waste, bulk or refill store.

customer filling a container with dry goods at un_rap refill store in Falmouth, by Bell Rose Bunce

A customer filling their container with dried banana chips at Un_Rap refill store in Falmouth.  Image by Bella Rose Bunce.

We’re really lucky to have some amazing zero waste stores and delivery services here in Cornwall and Plymouth, so thought we’d connect the dots with a directory (starting with mobile services and then moving south and west down the map).  Click on their names to be taken through to websites:


Other specialist shops where you can refill or buy in bulk using your own containers:

  • St Day - Be The Solution (cleaning, laundry and personal care products) Mondays and Saturdays 10am - 4pm
  • Carbis Bay - Carbis Bay Pharmacy (personal care and healthcare products)