Collection: Dry Goods

For local delivery only, we are also offering a range of plastic free dry foods and some great tasting locally roasted coffee. If you're heading down to Cornwall on holiday and want to spend less time in the supermarket and more time on the beach, just add these essentials to your FruutBox and we'll deliver to your door.

For the dry foods, we've teamed up with Replenish zero waste store in Wadebridge to help keep our customers stocked up with more plastic free goodness in the form of essential dry foods such as rice, pasta & cereal, with a couple of set boxes including gluten free and a tasty baking box!

For the coffee we're delivering great tasting coffee from Wadebridge roasters Rising Ground, including their Foundry, Kraken AF and Decaf blends. 

Please note that if you have any of these items in your cart but the delivery address is outside of our local postcodes, you will not be able to complete checkout.

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  • Rising Ground Coffee - Foundry Blend
  • Rising Ground Coffee - Kraken AF
  • Rising Ground Coffee - Decaf
  • Replenish Gluten Free Box
  • Replenish Plain Flour 1kg
  • Replenish Dry Goods Box
  • Replenish Baking Box
  • Replenish White Pasta 500g
  • Replenish Basmati Rice 500g
  • Replenish Wholewheat Pasta 500g
  • Replenish Gluten Free Pasta 500g
  • Replenish Raisins 500g
  • Replenish Strong White Bread Flour 1kg
  • Replenish Wheat Noodle Nests