What Is FruutBox?

FruutBox - Veg Box - About Us

We're Cornwall's online greengrocer, and we believe there's a better way to buy your fruit & veg. Created to provide what we couldn't find as a young family, we set out to build a service that we'd love to use. Set boxes that don't chop & change, allowing us to plan our meals. The option to swap out items that we don't like, and swap in items that we do. Quality produce that lasts. Local produce when it's in season, giving us access to the amazing produce grown around us. An easy, hassle free shopping experience with the option to subscribe. No single use plastics.

This is FruutBox.

If you want to know more or have any questions, please get in touch! You can e-mail us at hello@fruutbox.com, or click on the chat icon at the bottom of this screen and type away.

Thanks for reading!

Katie & Jamie