Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about FruutBox? Check these first and if you can't find what you need here then get in touch at or chat with us online by clicking on the red chat icon in the bottom right corner of this screen, and we'll be happy to help.


How much is delivery?

Delivery is free for local postcodes here in Cornwall & Devon. Check out our Shipping Policy to find out which postcodes are currently served.

Can I swap items within my FruutBox?

Yes, we can accommodate up to two swap requests per order. We appreciate that the contents of the set boxes are not to everyone's taste so you can request to swap an item or two. Swaps are made based on value, i.e. swapping potatoes for avocados won't result in a straight portion for portion swap as one product is much more expensive than the other, but we'll tweak volumes to make it work, or we'll get in touch if we're stumped. Just e-mail us at with your order number and swap requests, and we'll work on them or contact you should it not be possible.

Is the fruit and veg organic?

Our fruit and vegetables are conventional produce, not organic. We focus on quality, and sourcing locally.

Is the fruit and veg locally sourced?

We try and source our produce locally where possible. Mangoes and avocados won't be growing around here any time soon (we hope) but what produce does, we aim to supply. Whether it's strawberries, asparagus, potatoes or brassicas, we are always trying to make sure we have them included in our FruutBoxes, or available as Extra Fruit & Veg items. Being based here in the south west we also have the chance to source some not-so-obvious products locally with some local growers doing some pretty cool and tasty things, such as garlic, lemons or blueberries.

Do the contents of set boxes change?

The contents of our FruutBoxes are set, so they don't change, at least not regularly. We know how useful it is to have a bit of consistency in the weekly shop for planning meals etc, so the contents of our set boxes are fixed. Any changes that we can't avoid will be made long term and customers & subscribers will be notified in advance.

How do Subscriptions work?

Subscriptions are available on all of our Fruit & Veg Boxes and most Extra Fruit & Veg items. There's a page with lots of info here, but if you're the kind of person who likes to build Lego sets without reading instructions then just click Subscribe on the page of the product and wing it from there.

What do I do if there's a problem with my delivery?

We work hard to ensure that our fruit & veg is of the best quality, and that it reaches you in tip top condition, but as is the way with fresh produce, there may be occasions where something doesn't travel so well. If that happens, please e-mail us at with a few photos so we can see what's happened, and we'll get in touch right away.