All About FruutBox Subscriptions


With FruutBox subscriptions you save 5%, and you can pause deliveries, update your delivery address, cancel your subscription, and do much more.

You can subscribe to as many FruutBoxes or Extras as you like, and you can mix & match, e.g. a Toddler Box weekly and Big Veg Box fortnightly, or Small Box and Medium Box alternating, etc.

Set up subscriptions to best suit your needs and tweak as you go until you find the perfect combo.

Read on to find out more...

Create a Subscription

To create a subscription, visit any of our FruutBox product pages, choose “Subscribe & Save” and then select the frequency of deliveries, either every week or every 2 weeks. Once you have selected your delivery frequency, click on Add To Cart. You can choose to view your cart, review your order and  proceed to the secure checkout, or you can continue shopping. Add as many Subscription products as you like to your cart, on whatever delivery schedule you like, you can mix & match as you please.

Create an Account

In order to manage your subscriptions you will need to create an account. You can do this either through providing your e-mail address at checkout and then following the link in your Welcome e-mail, or you can click on the Account icon at the top of this page and click on the Create Account link and follow the instructions to set up your account before signing up to a subscription.

If at any time you have problems accessing your account, you can request a link by clicking on the Account icon at the top of this page, and click on the link below the question "Having issues managing your subscriptions?". Put your e-mail address in and a new link will be sent to you. 

And don't forget to check your spam folder. 

Manage Your Account

So, you've set up your account and subscription, what next? Well, you can just leave it be, sit back and await your fruit & veg deliveries. Easy.

But what if you want to swap products and go large for a week if an army of fruit mad grandchildren are coming to stay? No problem. 

Want to skip a couple of deliveries so you can go on holiday and not return to find a 2 week old FruutBox in your garden shed? No problem (and as much as we pride ourselves on our quality, we would definitely recommend skipping deliveries in this case!). 

If you want to make changes, it's easy to do. Log into your account by clicking on the Account icon on the website. Once in you will see four options to the left of the screen:

Order Schedule


Billing Information

Purchase History

Starting with Order Schedule, here you can see, and make changes to, your upcoming orders.

Click on Skip and that particular item on that order will be skipped, i.e. will not be charged for on that particular order, but will be charged for on the next. If you do this, the Skip button will be replaced with an Unskip button so you can easily reverse the skip if needed.

Click on Edit and you will be able to edit the order. On the Edit screen you can then edit the following for that particular order: Next Charge Date, Item Quantity, Delivery Frequency, Payment Information, and Delivery Address. You can also click on the Swap button, and here you can search for any product and swap the subscription item. Last but not least on the Edit page is the Cancel button. Click this if you need to cancel the item.

Note that the dates on the Order Schedule page are the dates on which your payments will be processed, and the orders created. This is not the date that you will receive your deliveries. Delivery will follow after creation of the order, the delivery date depending on which area you are in, i.e. local deliveries or nationwide. For more information check our Shipping Policy here.

Next up is the Subscriptions page. Here you will see a summary of your subscriptions, including those which have run previously but been cancelled, with a Re-Activate button next to them so you can jump back in at any time. Other buttons include the EditSwap, and Cancel buttons as described above. This is also where you would make any long term changes to your delivery address. Under the subscription details you will also see the Add Product button. Click on this to add products to your subscription or as one-time products for your next order only. Below this you will see the Add Discount Code button. Yep, you've guessed it, this is where you put any discount codes received in newsletters, e-mails etc. By default, discount codes that you input here will be applied to your next upcoming order, unless they are specific discount codes created for longer durations or other purposes, in which case you don't need to do anything as they'll automatically be applied to the relevant orders.

The Billing Information page is very much what it says on the tin, a page containing your billing information. Not very exciting, but if you need to update card details or billing addresses, this is the place to do it.

Last up we have the Purchase History page, where you can find all of your previous orders. Click on an order number and you can see the details of the order. 

How do I cancel a subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription, you will first need to log in to your account. Within the Subscriptions tab, click on the Actions button found next to the subscription you want to cancel and then select Cancel from the dropdown menu. On the following page, you will be prompted to enter a cancellation reason.

So that's the online account and how to manage your FruutBox subscriptions. If at any time you are stumped and need help then please don't hesitate to e-mail us at and we'll be happy to help.

But what about Extras?

Once you have a subscription running, you may want to place the odd order for one-off deliveries of Extra Fruit & Veg items.To order Extras to be delivered with an upcoming order you need to do so in the online account unless your extras come to more than £10, as there is a minimum £10 order value.

In your online account, click on Subscriptions and then Add Products. Search for the products you require and choose either One-Time Purchase if you want the item on your next order only, or Subscribe if you want to add them to your ongoing subscription. 


As always, if you have any problems or questions please don't hesitate to contact us, either by e-mailing us at, or clicking on the red chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of this screen.